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About Us  

We like to keep things simple; amazing but simple! The foundations of Cevitr are to make world leading RPA technology accessible to everyone; simple, affordable and with an unrivalled service. 
Our progressive thinking, award winning innovation and can-do attitude coupled with our simple service model allows us to deliver the absolute best RPA package to you. Our thirst for knowledge and belief in the life changing power of automation propels our efforts to innovate and deliver on our promises. 
At the core, we want to provide an exceptional service so you can get on with your passion and make a difference…. go change the world! 

Our Values     

Thirst for knowledge 
Progressive in 
our thinking 
Keep our promises 
Mission Statement  
"We are in the business of delivering affordable and rapid access to pathbreaking automation technology to organisations of all sizes, with unparalleled quality of service and progressive innovation. In doing so, we give the gift of time to overworked employees and enable organisations a hassle-free transformation of the workplace." 




“gunnercooke’s whole business is built around making it as easy as possible for our lawyers to deliver outstanding services to our clients. To achieve this our processes must be seamless and transaction processing needs to be quick; Cevitr’s Digital Workmate has allowed us to accomplish this goal. Cevitr have taken a complex invoice creation task, which requires a high level of diligence for accuracy, and automated the entire multistage process. The Digital Workmate runs seamlessly through the month freeing up the time of our key resources to focus on effective delivery of our services.” 
Naseer Patel, Finance Director, gunnercooke. 
“I couldn’t recommend Cevitr enough. When it came to understanding what we needed in our RPA process, and then developing the solution, Jaideep and his team were fantastic. Then when it came to alterations as the process developed over time, Cevitr were great at working with us to tweak what we have- providing helpful suggestions along with way.” 
Dean Carruthers, Head of Operations, PLS. 

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