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Leading Stem cell banking and research company based in India.



Our client’s customers are expectant parents who bank their child’s cord blood with them. Their specialised staff collect the sample at birth and send it to the lab for processing and cryogenic preservation. Since the company deals with biological material, their processes are extremely time sensitive. In some cases, the samples would reach the lab before the payment information was processed on our client’s admin system due to backlog. In such cases, the samples were processed without the assurance of payment, to the financial detriment of our client.



The financial reconciliation process is a logic-based data entry task that requires navigating through different pages in Salesforce. We automated the process by training and deploying our Digital Workmate – Jo, in only 22 days. Using existing bank statements generated daily, Jo updates patient payment records in Salesforce. Jo then creates a corresponding journal entry in the SAP finance system. Delays and missed payments are flagged up and an excel document is generated so that actions can be taken.



Jo has become a scaling up tool for our client as they are confident of running larger volumes of processes as the business grows. Automating the financial reconciliation process has resulted in over 90% reduction in processing time and over 50% reduction in cost with £0 up front investment by the client.