Public Relationship & Marketing

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Our Client is a national branding and marketing company in the UK.



Our client tracks marketing campaigns on LinkedIn and Google for specific customers. The Account managers consolidate data manually between reports from LinkedIn and Google Analytics. They create reports to show a common view for their customer by manually linking data from two sources. This requires a cumbersome logic of looking at certain keywords within the URL of the campaigns and identifying the campaign to which it links. The format of the report is complex and takes 2 hours per account manager, per customer to complete. Hence, the report is sent only once a month to their customers.



We were able to train our Digital Workmate – Jo, in only 7 Days to carry out the same process of data consolidation from LinkedIn and Google. Jo was then able to consolidate reports within 4 minutes and emailed them directly to the relevant account manager.



Our clients were able to increase the frequency of generating reports to 4x a month which resulted in extremely happy customers as they were able to track their marketing content more closely. Our clients were able to decrease the processing time to generate reports by 80% and reduce cost by 70%.