The journey of Digital Empowerment builds on the premise that technology innovation with high business impact needs to be accessible to all. Most digital innovations have low adoption rates due to complex business cases, high costs and a fear of poor ROI. Our subscription-based business model ensures that the engagement is OPEX only allowing us to explore benefits with you with the least amount of friction.


We start with exploring endless possibilities where we engage with you to identify day to day ‘swivel chair’ activities performed by your workforce. Swivel chair work patterns are those that are typically manual & repeatable and require no judgement but yet, consume effort and time.

Once these work patterns have been identified, we create a set of instructions that is understood by the CJs. The CJs are then provisioned to demonstrate the swivel chair process with speed, accuracy and simplicity. Unlike other breakthrough process innovations, it takes only a matter of days to get to a stage where you get the first glimpse of the possibilities that the CJs can deliver.This brings to life smart process automation for you.


We then move to co-creating the future where we look at broader organisational processes wherein we work with your operations and IT team to build an automation roadmap. The key focus would be to deploy work patterns that are of a simple nature into production so that digital empowerment of the workforce is established as a way of working within your organisation.

The development teams will follow an Agile development approach with continuous testing and interaction with the business operations team. Once complete, the CJs will be deployed in controlled environments to execute work patterns in parallel to the existing ways of working. This then allows a reference set of work pattern outputs that can be compared and contrasted with existing process output to identify errors & exceptions.

We will work with your teams to identify operating procedures for day to day business and exception handling to ensure that the complementary working between your workforce and Cevitr Jo workmates are synchronised. It typically takes 6 to 8 weeks to develop, test & execute parallel runs for a work pattern.


Digital empowerment delivered is when the possibilities become a reality and the journey of complementary working begins. Cevitr CJ’s starts assisting your employees by silently executing automated tasks and notifying their workmates when tasks are complete. Our provision, orchestrating and monitoring service is dynamic to keep in pace with your business demands.

Assigning the right number of CJ’s required to execute an automated task, scheduling when the tasks are to be executed and actively monitoring the CJ’s in action to handle exceptions are all linked to your business imperatives.

The outcome is simple – you get a service that can flex and scale with your cyclical business demand with a safe pair of eyes having active oversight. We provide you reports on key operational metrics in via a dedicated customer portal so that you are empowered and informed at all times.


Ensuring that the Cevitr Jo platform is up to date and optimised for performance is a silent activity that is executed on a continuous basis. As technology is evolving at a fast pace we ensure that all the product releases by our technology partners are swiftly and securely applied to our existing platform with minimal impact.

The addition of new product features allows for existing automation scenarios to be enhanced for improved business benefit and these changes are implemented, tested and platform deployed with the least amount of friction.

We apply preventative techniques in day to day operations to identify & fix errors, manage exceptions and performance issues thereby ensuring a smooth operation.


We recognise that business environments need to adapt constantly which requires work patterns to evolve with agility. Our business model allows for such changes to be implemented, tested and platform deployed with the least amount of friction and time following the zero-upfront cost model.

We continuously seek to push the boundaries and will proactively identify, conceptualise and inform you about relevant market innovation that could have a positive impact on your business.