Simple Jo and Smart Jo Platform

Cevitr Jo can be deployed across several industry verticals in both IT and Business Processes. CJs could either be Simple or Smart.

Simple Jo

The simple CJs are designed to execute processes that require no subjective judgement to be applied and are the workmates of choice to start the digital empowerment journey. Simple CJs are able to execute routine business processes by mimicking the way people interact with applications through a user interface and also by following simple rules to make decisions.

Simple CJs have the ability to execute swivel chair work patterns where it collates inputs from a set of systems, processes them using rules and enters the outputs into a system of record. Simple CJs rely on structured data although the data sources can be varied. Unlike other breakthrough process innovations, it takes only a matter of days to get to a stage where you get the first glimpse of the possibilities that the simple CJs can deliver.

Smart Jo

The smart CJs have cognitive capabilities and the ability to execute more complex processes harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence. The smart CJs learn from their workmates as they resolve problems and execute complex tasks which require subjective decision making. Smart CJs augment human judgement and intelligence and are typically able to execute judgement based work patterns.

These work patterns involve intuition, creativity, persuasion or problem-solving ability. Smart CJs deploy the power of Artificial Intelligence and include natural language processing, natural language generation, machine learning, cognitive analytics & sensing. This provides smart CJs the ability to recognise images, handwriting, speech and sound and process vast amounts of un-structured data besides learning problem solving from their workforce counterparts.