Streamline Your Customer Service Admin With RPA - Case Study


A leading Dining and Experiences discount membership company in the UK. 

Business Case For Automation:

The customer services team had to deal with several documents with membership information, received from third party B2B customers. These documents had to be manually processed in the internal systems. If there were delays in processing these emails, or if an attachment was missed, it resulted in multiple calls into the customer services team and a poor customer experience for their customers. (74)

Automation Solution:

By using our Digital Workmate – Jo, working around the clock, Cevitr was able to automate the entire process of updating membership information onto their internal systems. Jo monitors the customer mail box 24*7. As the emails come in from their B2B customers, the files are downloaded, processed and automatically uploaded to the internal systems immediately. A validation report is created with the successfully processed emails and an exception email is created and emailed to the stakeholders daily. 

Benefits From Automation:

The direct benefits of using a Digital Workmate included over 25% saving of customer a service agents time to focus on tasks and cases that required human interaction such as complaint resolution, escalation management etc. The outcome benefits of automation were significant which included better customer experience on memberships through 100% accuracy of the process handling with no missed entries and a Zero holiday backlog for the employees. This resulted in happier customers and employees.