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A Digital Workforce will be at the heart of the future workplace. Cevitr offers an RPA enabled Digital Workforce to complement your teams.

Jo, our Digital Workmate can take on mundane and repetitive tasks 24 x 7 x 365 enabling your teams to focus on more challenging pursuits.
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A Digital Workmate will help you


Save Money


Save Time


Increase Speed


Increase Accuracy


Improve Data Quality

And you will be able to


Focus Your Effort On
Where It Matters


Build Better


Have Happier


Achive Better


Scale Your
Business Faster

Digital Workmate

The Digital Workmate

Our Digital Workmate, Jo, will work on your systems and applications across all functions be it finance, operations, customer service, compliance, HR etc.

Jo can connect through the cloud or work on your desktop without changing anything on your systems.

We have a simple monthly subscription pricing.

RPA Consultancy

RPA Consultancy Services

Cevitr can guide you through the practicalities of automation, no matter what stage you are at on your RPA journey.

Our consulting engagements are delivered by Senior Profiles with a wealth of industry knowledge on RPA.

Our consultancy packages have clear outcomes at a fixed price.