Automate your processes Digital workers are able to adapt to changing requirements. For organisations, every minute saved unlocks time 


Save money and time Robotic Process Automation software streamlines, speeds up, and improves processes for a much more cost-effective solution 


Improve data quality With a digital workforce, human errors vanish from the calculations, leading to greater efficiency and accuracy 


Improve customer relationships Digital workers can be trained to handle a range of customer interactions and speed up internal processes 


Our bundle is the smartest way to   automate your processes.  

A fully managed RPA service, deployed in days, managed throughout and all within an easy monthly subscription. Delivering an excellent service and benefits to you. 

The Nuts and Bolts 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the technology used to power software bots to automate business processes. 
Here at Cevitr, we like to use the best to provide the best, therefore we utilise UiPath technology. The automation uses logic, structured data and rules. If you have repetitive, rule-based tasks Cevitr can use RPA to train a software bot, otherwise known as a Digital Workmate, to undertake these for you. 
Download our dree logiistics and RPA guide 
The Logistics and Supply Chain sector is among the most competitive in the world, with many companies striving for competitive advantage by lowering prices and looking for opportunities to increase efficiency. Find out more about how RPA can help to benefit the Logistics sector in this guide. 
This allows your business to diversify and grow as you do. 
Cevitr have evolved with IPA in the form of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence utilising leading OCR technology; allowing our Digital Workmate to read, analyse and interpret unstructured data. 

Meet Jo - Your Digital Workmate  

Powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) the Digital Workmate is a colleague, just like a member of your team, but as a software bot can work faster and more accurately. 
The Digital Workmate logs in to your existing systems and applications and is trained, by Cevitr’s Automation Engineers, to undertake your manual, labour intensive processes for you. 
The Digital Workmate can work around the clock, 365 days a year. It connects to your systems through the Microsoft Azure Cloud or on your desktop. Excellent security and a complete audit trail for all actions gives you complete peace of mind. 
Your business will explode with positivity from the benefits the Digital Workmate will bring! 
Motivated and engaged staff, accurate and reliable data and more time than you know what to do with. 
Save money 
Save time 
Improve data quality 
Improve customer relationships 
Scale business 
Better compliance 
From initial discussions, you can have a fully deployed Digital Workmate within 3-4 weeks! 
A Typical Customer Journey  
1) Initial Discussion 
2) Process Possibilities 
3) Identification of first process 
4) Design, Documentation & Development 
5) Deploy Digital Workmate on test environment 
6) Digital Workmate immersed as part of your team 

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