Robotic Process Automation as a Service (RPAaaS) Platform

We digitally empower our clients’ workforce deliver great business results using smart automation. Cevitr Jo (CJ), your digital workmate takes on manual and repetitive activities, working hand- in- hand with your employees to help them enhance their performance and focus on higher priority work.

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Cevitr Jo can be deployed across several industry verticals in both IT and Business Processes. CJs could either be Simple or Smart.

Simple Jo

The simple CJs are designed to execute those processes that typically require no subjective judgement to be applied and are the workmates of choice to start the digital empowerment journey.

Smart Jo

The smart CJs have cognitive capabilities and the ability to execute more complex processes harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence. The smart CJs learn from their workmates as they resolve problems and execute complex tasks which require subjective decision making.


Journey with Cevitr

The journey of Digital Empowerment builds on the premise that technology innovation with high business impact needs to be accessible to all.

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Exploring endless possibilities

Discussions leading to an automated process where you see Cevitr Jo in action opening up endless possibilities



Co-creating the future

Automation Roadmap aligned to your business goals and platform activation



Digital empowerment delivered

Your employees delivering great business results working hand-in-hand with Cevitr Jo

Activating Cevitr Jo

Cevitr offers a full lifecycle service to deliver digital empowerment using smart automation for its clients on a pre-configured platform enabled by industry standard technology.

Feasibility & RPA Activation

Identifying processes that can be automated and creating instructions that CJs can execute where you get the first glimpse of the power of the digital workmate in action.

Business Case and Platforming

Analysing and documenting the financial benefit of automation, finalising the processes that CJs can execute and deploying them on the Cevitr Jo platform.

Provision & Orchestrate

Assigning the right number of CJs required to execute an automated task, scheduling when the tasks are to be executed and actively monitoring the CJs in action to handle exceptions.

Manage & Enhance

Ensuring that the platform is up to date and evolving work patterns are adapted to keep pace with a modern-day business environment.


Exploring endless possibilities on leveraging breakthrough innovation and using the power of AI

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