Robotic Process Automation Services For The Construction Industry

The Digital Workmate is a powerful tool that can greatly assist in various tasks within the construction industry. Its integration of advanced technologies and automation capabilities offers numerous benefits, making it a favorite among professionals.

Here are some of the ways in which the Digital Workmate can prove invaluable:


Invoice Creation

The Digital Workmate is a game-changer when it comes to invoicing and streamlining the financial aspect of business operations. Its advanced capabilities enable it to pull together all the relevant information and consolidate it into a professional invoice swiftly and accurately.

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Updating Subcontractor Or Supplier Lists

The Digital Workmate possesses the capability to automatically update lists and correct forms across multiple systems by incorporating corrected, updated, or new contact information.

This functionality significantly streamlines data management processes and ensures data accuracy throughout the organization.


How Automated RPA Can Benefit The Construction Industry

Robotic process automation has undoubtedly made a significant impact in office-based corporate settings, transforming a wide array of business processes. However, the implementation of RPA in the construction sector, which is predominantly characterized by on-site activities, presents distinct challenges. While RPA systems are not designed to operate construction equipment or oversee building projects directly, they can still offer substantial benefits to construction businesses by optimizing back-office functions.

The construction industry encompasses a range of activities, including project management, procurement, financial management, and compliance. These activities involve a multitude of administrative tasks, paperwork, and repetitive processes that are time-consuming and prone to human error. This is where RPA can truly shine, automating these processes and empowering construction companies to achieve increased efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.

One of the areas where RPA excels in the construction industry is the streamlining of administrative tasks. Construction companies often grapple with a multitude of paperwork, such as invoices, contracts, and permits. RPA can automate the data entry process by extracting relevant information from these documents and populating it into the appropriate systems or databases. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, RPA not only saves time but also reduces errors and ensures data consistency across various platforms.


Cost Monitoring

Automation plays a crucial role in managing cost-to-estimate reports in the construction industry. With the assistance of a Digital Workmate, construction businesses can streamline this process by utilizing automation to pull in information from contractors and suppliers, import it into the project budget, and generate real-time analytics into daily or on-demand reports.


Estimate Generation


Automation plays a pivotal role in effectively managing cost-to-estimate reports within the construction industry. By leveraging the capabilities of a Digital Workmate, construction businesses can streamline this process by automating the collection of information from contractors and suppliers, seamlessly importing it into the project budget, and generating real-time analytics for daily or on-demand reports. 

The Digital Workmate provides valuable assistance in streamlining the process of collecting documents and information, as well as filing and sorting contracts, while also managing payments for onboarding employees, subcontractors, or suppliers. By leveraging the capabilities of this digital assistant, construction businesses can eliminate repetitive manual tasks and optimize their operational efficiency.

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Processing Invoices

As vendor invoices come in, your Digital Workmate can pick up the emails, extract the necessary data from the invoice and enter it into an accounting system, setting relevant tasks for the corresponding teams. 

The Digital Workmate can also send a confirmation email to vendors letting them know that the invoices are in processing and highlighting any missing information.

In Short, The List is Endless!

No matter what processes you decide to give to your Digital Workmate, you can be sure they will be delivered with speed and accuracy and the Digital Workmate won’t stop until the job is done! Allowing your team the freedom and time to work on more exciting areas, in turn building employee satisfaction and engagement. 

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What Our Customers Have to Say


I couldn’t recommend Cevitr enough. When it came to understanding what we needed in our RPA process, and then developing the solution, Jaideep and his team were fantastic.


Complementing the work we do, Cevitr’s Digital Workmate has opened up exciting possibilities for Onogo and empowered us to focus on our core business, whilst relying on Cevitr to focus on the challenge of enabling Jo to take on computer-based tasks, which it does with ease, delivering every day.


The journey with Cevitr on enabling RPA based processes across our business has been phenomenal. The simplicity of the engagement model, the speed of execution and most importantly the service delivery attitude of Cevitr has been the most striking feature of the relationship.


Working in partnership with Cevitr over the past three to four years has been a real benefit to the Murphy business in reducing resource requirements in both time-critical activities and day-to-day operations. Their professionalism, business understanding and customer service have been excellent.

David Neve, IT Director at J Murphy and Sons

All business have manual process’ & an aspiration continually improve these through automation & what the team at Cevitr have helped us achieve is just that.  In a few small weeks, they have helped us automate several complex & very labour-intensive manual processes.   The best bit, our new team Member Jo does the work while we are all tucked up in bed,  leaving the working day free for our teams to focus on priorities which achieve our business goals...

Allan Farrell, CTO, Mandata

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