RPA Robotic Process Automation Services For The Customer Service Department

When you think about the fact that the customer services role is to service the customer and what that means; communicating with the customer, it seems crazy that the customer services team can spend little time communicating with customers and a lot of time finding relevant information and toggling and inputting data on different screens and systems. Here’s some ways in which hiring a Digital Workmate can solve your customer service time constraints: 


Customer Interaction

Billing Agreements

Give a quick response and resolve your customers queries before they hang up/log off. The Digital Workmate will provide you with the information you need, fast, without you toggling between multiple screens. The Digital Workmate can even manage your chat facility and fulfil the customer service request at the same time, providing a seamless process for the customer. 

Employing a Digital Workmate to manage your billing agreements will ensure fast and accurate storing of bill data, validation of bills and getting automated payment. The Digital Workmate will even flag up inaccurate invoices, run data validation checks and update the accounting system. 


Customer Contract Management

A Digital Workmate will automatically pick up emails, update the status of document requests within your chosen system, archive documents once signed, prepare adobe sign documents and ensure accurate reporting. This will lead to a faster, more seamless, process for the customer leaving them completely satisfied with your service and you more time to work on more fulfilling projects. 


Customer Query Management

The Digital Workmate can be used to see basic information, sort customers into different categories and send them to the relevant customer services team/agent to address. Allowing the team to work smarter and providing a smarter and more intelligent service to customers. As the team is tackling the actual issue and not wasting time on mundane details, they are able to focus on what the customer really needs, improving relationships and in turn getting greater satisfaction from their role. 


In Short, The list is Endless!

No matter what processes you decide to give to your Digital Workmate, you can be sure they will be delivered with speed and accuracy, the Digital Workmate will work around the clock to make sure the job is done! Allowing your team the freedom and time to deploy your services where they are needed most, treating people, in turn building employee and patient satisfaction and engagement. 

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Manual Vs Automation

We bring the solution and you reap the benefits

Manual Processes

  • Expensive
  • Human Erros
  • Time Consuming
  • Repetitive
  • Miscommunication
  • Lack of security

Automation With

  • Fast
  • Accuracy
  • Cheaper
  • Time to scale your
  • Quick to install
  • Secure

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What Our Customers Have to Say


I couldn’t recommend Cevitr enough. When it came to understanding what we needed in our RPA process, and then developing the solution, Jaideep and his team were fantastic.


Complementing the work we do, Cevitr’s Digital Workmate has opened up exciting possibilities for Onogo and empowered us to focus on our core business, whilst relying on Cevitr to focus on the challenge of enabling Jo to take on computer-based tasks, which it does with ease, delivering every day.


The journey with Cevitr on enabling RPA based processes across our business has been phenomenal. The simplicity of the engagement model, the speed of execution and most importantly the service delivery attitude of Cevitr has been the most striking feature of the relationship.


Working in partnership with Cevitr over the past three to four years has been a real benefit to the Murphy business in reducing resource requirements in both time-critical activities and day-to-day operations. Their professionalism, business understanding and customer service have been excellent.

David Neve, IT Director at J Murphy and Sons

All business have manual process’ & an aspiration continually improve these through automation & what the team at Cevitr have helped us achieve is just that.  In a few small weeks, they have helped us automate several complex & very labour-intensive manual processes.   The best bit, our new team Member Jo does the work while we are all tucked up in bed,  leaving the working day free for our teams to focus on priorities which achieve our business goals...

Allan Farrell, CTO, Mandata

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