Employee Onboarding Made Efficient with RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) is perfectly suited to tasks that are repetitive and high volume. If your business hires new team members on a regular basis, employee onboarding may be perfectly suited to automation.

By taking on a lot of the admin involved in hiring new people, Digital workers (Jo) can speed up the process and give your human employees more time to connect with potential hires and tackle other, more complex tasks. Keep reading to find out if process automation could work for your organisation. 

In this article, we’ll outline how Robotic Process Automation can streamline the employee onboarding process. 



Automated Data Entry

Data entry is an essential, but time consuming, part of the onboarding process. Digital workers can speed up this mundane activity by extracting data from various sources – like portals, internal documentation and application forms – and using this information to populate HR systems, create contract documentation and check references.

Using RPA digital workers to take care of your data entry will help you speed up the hiring process and ensure your paperwork is as accurate as possible. It will also free up your HR team to focus on more complex issues.

Contract Documentation

As we’ve already seen, robotic process automation can be used to quickly and efficiently create contract documentation for your new hires. It does this by using specific rules based on qualities like job type, position and employee type. By following these rules, the digital worker can create tailored contract documentation for each new hire. 

Cross-Departmental Coordination

Most of the time, a number of different departments are involved with employee onboarding. Digital workers  can easily be connected with all relevant departments, allowing for easy coordination between teams and ensuring all information is up to date. 


It’s essential that company policy and regulations are followed to the letter during the hiring process. Digital workers (RPA bots) can be programmed to ensure these processes are adhered to and that all relevant areas are compliant with company rules and national regulations.

Reconnecting Employee And Employer

By taking care of the repetitive, mundane - but essential - jobs involved in employee onboarding, digital workers can free up humans to take care of more nuanced tasks. In fact, using RPA as part of your hiring process will actually deliver much more human interaction, something that’s essential when it comes to finding the right people for your organisation. 

Investing in a digital worker could help to speed up the hiring process and give your HR team time to focus on more productive and rewarding tasks.

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