RPA Services For The Charity Industry

Charities share our passion for helping others and we love the work we do with our clients from this industry. There are many ways in which the Digital Workmate can help this sector, here are some of our top picks. 


Record Updates For Compliance


Donation records and sponsorship forms, Gift Aid, grants applied for, HR Records; your Digital Workmate can monitor, read and update your records ensuring complete compliance and accuracy with GDPR regulations. 

As a charity you can have many employees and volunteers, you can leave the repetition of collecting documents and information, filing and sorting contracts and setting up payments for onboarding employees to the Digital Workmate. Your Digital Workmate can also update your HR system ensuring compliance and automate right to work checks if needed. See more examples of HR processes


Processing Third Party Data

(Local Authorities, Councils)

The Digital Workmate will pick up emails, read and download donation forms, upload them to systems and action them according to your process. In fact, the Digital Workmate can do this for any type of form for any area of the business. 



You can use automation to manage cost-to-estimate reports; your Digital Workmate will pull in information from contractors and suppliers, import it into the project budget and generate real time analytics into daily or on-demand reports. 

Consumer Support

Your Digital Workmate can manage your live chat facility, providing automated responses to standard questions. They can help your customer services by toggling between different screens and systems gleaning and inputting information so your support workers can spend more time concentrating on the call. 



Maintaining and growing an online presence can be tough, especially when donor engagement means so much. Your Digital Workmate can help manage your online activities by bringing social media and SEO analytics into one easy to read report for you, helping you to focus your efforts and time where its needed, building stronger relationships and generating greater awareness. 


In Short, The List is Endless!

No matter what processes you decide to give to your Digital Workmate, you can be sure they will be delivered with speed and accuracy. Allowing your team the freedom and time to work on more sensitive and important areas, in turn building employee and client satisfaction and engagement. 


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Manual Vs Automation

We bring the solution and you reap the benefits

Manual Processes

  • Expensive
  • Human Erros
  • Time Consuming
  • Repetitive
  • Miscommunication
  • Lack of security

Automation With

  • Fast
  • Accuracy
  • Cheaper
  • Time to scale your
  • Quick to install
  • Secure

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What Our Customers Have to Say


I couldn’t recommend Cevitr enough. When it came to understanding what we needed in our RPA process, and then developing the solution, Jaideep and his team were fantastic.


Complementing the work we do, Cevitr’s Digital Workmate has opened up exciting possibilities for Onogo and empowered us to focus on our core business, whilst relying on Cevitr to focus on the challenge of enabling Jo to take on computer-based tasks, which it does with ease, delivering every day.


The journey with Cevitr on enabling RPA based processes across our business has been phenomenal. The simplicity of the engagement model, the speed of execution and most importantly the service delivery attitude of Cevitr has been the most striking feature of the relationship.


Working in partnership with Cevitr over the past three to four years has been a real benefit to the Murphy business in reducing resource requirements in both time-critical activities and day-to-day operations. Their professionalism, business understanding and customer service have been excellent.

David Neve, IT Director at J Murphy and Sons

All business have manual process’ & an aspiration continually improve these through automation & what the team at Cevitr have helped us achieve is just that.  In a few small weeks, they have helped us automate several complex & very labour-intensive manual processes.   The best bit, our new team Member Jo does the work while we are all tucked up in bed,  leaving the working day free for our teams to focus on priorities which achieve our business goals...

Allan Farrell, CTO, Mandata

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