Destination Management Made Easier With RPA - Case Study


Our Client is a leading Destination Management Company delivering an array of exemplary Leisure solutions in providing destination management services. 

Business Case For Automation:

  • Our client employs numerous data entry personnel to enter booking data of tour packages in to their online sales and accounting platform.
  • Many bookings may have upwards of hundred items such as tours, restaurants, hotels, etc for group and frequent travelers.
  • The volume of bookings is so large that during peak holiday season, personnel work overtime to keep-up with the incoming demand. Even so, a backlog of data entry activity is unavoidable.
  • The booking system application has numerous fields requiring completion, including a range of currencies, hotel and other service provider partners details.
  • This often makes the data entry a slow process due to the number of logic steps and decisions which need to be applied for accurate record keeping.
  • The format of the input data may also be inconsistent, adding to the task challenge. (72)

Automation Solution:

We were able to fully train Jo – our Digital Workmate, in a very short time to automatically pick-up booking data from customer’s file servers, on a daily basis and at the time convenient to the customer. Jo is then able to traverse through the complex data entry rules and accurately append the needed records in a very short time. The cycle time for record processing is much faster 

Benefits From Automation:

  • The immediate benefit to the customer has been the clearing of a data entry backlog and minimising if not eliminating future backlog occurrences.
  • The accuracy of data is very high which consequently saves personnel time making corrections.
  • This leads to faster billing and invoicing with subsequently more timely accounts receivables cycle, improving financial efficiency.
  • The cost saving of hiring Jo is significant compared to human equivalent activity.