Our Client is a global online retailer with over 4,000 product lines across 6 categories. 
On average this eCommerce business receives around 400 invoices a month, supplier invoices get sent daily and logistic invoices twice weekly. The company’s accounts team were spending time collating emails, downloading invoices, uploading them into internal systems and taking care of the data entry involved; an exceedingly time consuming task. One of the biggest challenges for this business is that goods received don’t tally up with the invoices sent by the suppliers, there-fore the accounts department are needed to chase credit notes and handle reconciliations, however they were spending so much time on data entry involved with the supplier and logistic invoices, they had little time left for focusing on problem solving. 
Digital Workmate (Jo) runs daily at 6.30pm 
Picks up the invoices from a mailbox 
Reads the email and downloads the invoice 
Scrapes the relevant data and puts it into an excel file 
Logs into an internal ERP application 
Registers and attaches relevant invoice against respective supplier 
Logs into Asana and creates a task for each invoice that has been registered in the ERP system 
Sends an email with an ouptput log 
Runs twice a week 
Follows aboves steps to ERP system 
Determines from the invoice the specific product supplier the logistics relates to 
Finally matches and allocates the delivery charge to the relevant product supplier 
It takes Jo just 1 minute to complete a supplier invoice task and 35 seconds to complete a logistics invoice task, clearing up to 400+ invoices per month with ease, at 100% data accuracy, which has saved an exponential amount of time and allowed the business improved reporting on their suppliers. Jo has added extra value by allowing the business to re-purpose accounts staff to where their skills lie and in turn has boosted employee satisfaction by removing boring, mundane tasks from their daily roles. 

Robotic Process Automation Solutions For The eCommerce Industry 

Cevitr-- Robotic Process Automation Solutions for the eCommerce Industry


We understand how important it is for eCommerce businesses to be efficient and customer-centric, with huge competition and extensive customer demands you need the time to focus your efforts on where it really matters. Here you will see how a Digital Workmate can help you do that….. 
Uploading hundreds, even thousands, of new product images and their traits to various product categories within your eCommerce site can be soul destroying to say the least! Let the Digital Workmate take the product image, make any necessary modifications and upload them with the attributes to the relevant product category; imagine the time you will save. 
In order to provide all the information on your product pages that the buyer needs, the Digital Workmate can source data from multiple locations and consolidate it into a template on your CMS System or within your product catalogue, reducing your time to market astronomically. 
Manually processing returns is a time consuming and laborious task, utilising RPA will give you back time and reduce costs. The Digital Workmate can send messages acknowledging receipt of the returned goods, update your inventory system, make any payment adjustment with the customer and update ERP and CRM systems. 
The Digital Workmate will make managing stock levels, shipping and order monitoring a dream! Keeping an eye on stock levels whilst utilising historical data on product demand to account for patterns, notifying managers when stock levels are low and automatically re-ordering products when they drop below a certain level is easy work for the Digital Workmate. 
Automation is fast and therefore great for all aspects of customer service, the Digital Workmate can find the relevant customer details and information, through various different systems, delivering it to you quickly when you need it the most; reducing lead times, call times and providing a better experience for the customer. See more examples of customer service processes. 
In short, the list is endless!  
No matter what processes you decide to give to your Digital Workmate, you can be sure they will be delivered with speed and accuracy and the Digital Workmate won’t stop until the job is done! Allowing your team the freedom and time to work on more exciting areas, in turn building employee satisfaction and engagement. 
“At Onogo we have developed bespoke software and business practices to enable us to undertake a global sale every 20 seconds. Our dedication to continuous improvement has certainly come into fruition with our Cevitr partnership. Complementing the work we do, Cevitr’s Digital Workmate has opened up exciting possibilities for Onogo and empowered us to focus on our core business, whilst relying on Cevitr to focus on the challenge of enabling Jo to take on computer-based tasks, which it does with ease, delivering every day." 
Paul Murphy, CEO, Onogo. 
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