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Our Client is a leading Destination Management Company delivering an array of exemplary Leisure solutions in providing destination management services. 
Our client employs numerous data entry personnel to enter booking data of tour packages in to their online sales and accounting platform. Many bookings may have upwards of hundred items such as tours, restaurants, hotels, etc for group and frequent travelers. The volume of bookings is so large that during peak holiday season, personnel work overtime to keep-up with the incoming demand. Even so, a backlog of data entry activity is unavoidable. The booking system application has numerous fields requiring completion, including a range of currencies, hotel and other service provider partners details. This often makes the data entry a slow process due to the number of logic steps and decisions which need to be applied for accurate record keeping. The format of the input data may also be inconsistent, adding to the task challenge. 
We were able to fully train Jo – our Digital Workmate, in a very short time to automatically pick-up booking data from customer’s file servers, on a daily basis and at the time convenient to the customer. Jo is then able to traverse through the complex data entry rules and accurately append the needed records in a very short time. The cycle time for record processing is much faster 
The immediate benefit to the customer has been the clearing of a data entry backlog and minimising if not eliminating future backlog occurrences. The accuracy of data is very high which consequently saves personnel time making corrections. This leads to faster billing and invoicing with subsequently more timely accounts receivables cycle, improving financial efficiency. The cost saving of hiring Jo is significant compared to human equivalent activity. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions For The Hospitality Industry 

Cevitr-- Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions for the Hospitality Industry


Hospitality professionals spend hours talking to customers and potential customers, a lot of the time answering the same questions over and over again. Its hard to stay smiley and on top of your game all day, or night, so let us take some of your tedious tasks away and help that smile shine a bit brighter! 
Your Digital Workmate can pull together all the relevant information, consolidate and send an invoice out within minutes. See more examples of finance processes
You can use the Digital Workmate to scan customer data and email them with personalised suggestions that are relevant to them; Spa, restaurants, local attractions, gym facilities etc. improving their experience and building their loyalty. 
Let the Digital Workmate manage reservation requests and send confirmation of booking, along with details on promotional offers and upselling rooms to maximise the potential of each booking. This will all be done faster than waiting for an available employee, reducing waiting time and enhancing customer satisfaction. 
Similarly to the reservations, the Digital Workmate can pick up cancellation requests, log into in house systems and cancel bookings, making them available to others. The Digital Workmate will also follow any rules to manage finance related activities rising from the cancellation, such as refunds. 
The Digital Workmate loves handling data, they will ensure it is managed and archived suitably, check that data is stored correctly and perform regular data audits to ensure GDPR and compliance is adhered to. 
The nature of hospitality can be seasonal, with busy periods in holiday seasons. The Digital Workmate can be scaled up or down in an instant, adding more or less Digital Workers as you need, this not only helps you when you need it the most but helps manage fluctuations in revenue flow. 
In short, the list is endless!  
No matter what processes you decide to give to your Digital Workmate, you can be sure they will be delivered with speed and accuracy, the Digital Workmate will work around the clock to make sure the job is done! Allowing your team the freedom and time to provide the best service possible to your customers, in turn building employee and customer satisfaction and engagement. 
“We at the Dining Club Group continue to grow our product portfolio beyond our world leading tastecard & Gourmet Society brands, through business driven innovation and adopting market leading technologies. Simplifying our operational business processes is a key aspect in our transformation journey. Technology innovation that drives business value can be complex and expensive. Though with Cevitr we are adopting world leading RPA technology on a subscription basis within a very short amount of time and with a minimal amount of disruption, which is one of the key advantages of the Cevitr platform.” 
Allan Farrell, CTO, The Dining Club Group. 
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