3 Features Of RPA That Will Benefit Your Business

Robotic process automation (RPA) isn’t quite like having a shiny metal servitor sitting at the desk next to you but it’s close enough to bring significant efficiency and productivity benefits to your business – without having to step around a Dalek each time you go to the coffee machine. In this article, we explain the three main benefits of RPA in business and what you can expect from implementing robotic process automation in your workplace. 
But first, what is robotic process automation? 
RPA is a business process automation technology in which a computer program mimics the functions and data input capabilities of a human worker, effectively creating a Digital Worker. At Cevitr, we call our RPA powered Digital Worker ‘Jo’ to give it a human face. Like a human employee, Jo can be trained to carry out a wide range of administrative tasks, is capable of evolving rapidly and adapts to the software and systems you already have in place – there is no need to install entirely new platforms to take advantage of RPA. 
Unlike a human employee, Jo doesn’t get bored or tired, doesn’t procrastinate, doesn’t make mistakes, doesn’t have ‘off days’ or time off, doesn’t get sick, doesn’t suddenly leave to work with one of your competitors, and doesn’t fall out with teammates. 
The Three Best Features Of RPA For Businesses 
1) Enhanced Accuracy 
Robotic process automation increases the accuracy of your processes across the back and front office. This makes RPA a superb business process automation solution for data heavy sectors such as financial services, banking, and insurance, in which accuracy and reliability is essential for compliance. RPA increases accuracy for the simple reason that it removes human error from the equation. As mentioned above, RPA programs don’t get tired, bored, distracted, or number blind like human operators, meaning they don’t make mistakes or duplicate entries. This can save a huge amount of time identifying and rectifying mistakes in databases. 
2) Improved Security 
For businesses that deal with sensitive personal data, there is always the niggling worry that information will be accidentally lost or leaked by an employee, or your systems will be hacked through a phishing attempt. Rarer but still present is the threat of gross negligence, misconduct, or malicious misuse of data by employees. Entrusting sensitive data to an RPA solution ensures that confidentiality is maintained and that the interpretation and control of data is strictly managed, improving your data security. 
3) Scalability and Availability 
RPA powered Digital Workers do not take time off, so investing in RPA automation can enable your business to operate 24 seven without having to adopt an out of hours or shift-based employment pattern. This hugely improves your customer service versatility and enables you to make better use of your employee’s time within operating hours. An RPA service can also scale with your business to accommodate growth plans, business peaks, and seasonal fluctuations. Unlike the process of employing additional admin support staff, extra RPA capacity can be implemented within hours, allowing you to respond immediately to customer demand. 
Next Steps 
Cevitr are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of digital automation solutions offering a managed service Digital Worker proposition, with a variety of business and domain capabilities to meet the processing needs of different industries. We work with companies in the construction, charitable, legal, healthcare, retail, and hospitality sectors to deliver efficiency and productivity benefits at every level of the business, so to find out more, please get in touch with one of our RPA specialists today. 
Image Source: Unsplash