How You Can Reduce Staff Costs With Workplace Automation

Labour costs have become a top concern for many companies in the face of an ongoing skills shortage and high energy costs. For some, letting go of current employees may seem like the only answer to cut costs in the near term. However, there is another option known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that may work out better in the long run.

Reduce Costs While Retaining Skilled Employees

During a skills shortage, making experienced and loyal staff members redundant shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. To help businesses avoid this outcome, business process automation software has multiple productivity benefits, helping lower the cost of employment by allowing each employee to generate more value from her time.

An RPA solution can take care of menial tasks like generic data entry much faster and more accurately than the average person while never getting bored or burned out in the process. Not only does this cut down on the need to hire more people for such tasks, but it also frees up your skilled workers to focus more on what they were hired to do.

Burnout and struggling to maintain productivity are two of the biggest issues facing employees today. A major cause of this is often feeling like they're unable to fully utilise their skills while wasting time on administrative work. RPA takes care of that aspect, the result being those skilled employees are happier and more productive doing work they find stimulating. This then creates better outcomes for the employer.

Saving Time And Money

Getting essential tasks done more quickly by a system with high accuracy naturally saves money. Think of the costs of paying an additional employee to do the same support task slower, with less motivation and prone to human error, for example.

Even if you weren't to hire new employees to do these manual tasks, it saves you money by negating the need to pay skilled workers to do the same low-value tasks when they could instead be using their valuable paid time in better ways to directly grow the company.

A recent survey by Gartner found that RPA could save over 25,000 working hours. This follows similar surveys by Deloitte that concluded RPA generates labour cost savings of 40% to 75%, and studies which show that the single RPA bots undertake the work of multiple FTEs ranging from 5 to 30 depending on the kind of work undertaken.

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If an RPA system sounds like it could be a good idea in your area of work, you might want to meet Jo here at Cevitr. With Jo – the name we’ve given to our ‘digital worker’ RPA software solution, you'd essentially have a new employee who does all the cross-platform administrative tasks no one else wants to while never needing holidays, sick days, weekend breaks or lapses in concentration. Plus, they can be retrained easily to suit your way of working.

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