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A dynamic and innovative solicitor firm, which i s setting new standards within the legal sector. 
The solicitor’s firm are experts in property purchases and sales, working in partnership with two leading online property sites, as an affiliated and verified solicitor. Consumers who utilise the aforementioned platforms for property sale or purchase must engage the services of a solicitor. Every sale or purchase has a set of milestones/activities to be accomplished and the solicitor must log in and update the online platforms with progress reports at each stage, as well as updating their in - house case management system. This is a duplication of work and time; solicitors are not best placed to be doing data entry into multiple systems, this was causing compliance pressures with the online platforms to provide updates efficiently.multiple page documents a day. They need numerous full-time members of staff to undertake this work. 
Cevitr developed a case management automated process, that was deployed in one week. Cevitr receive a data extract from our customers internal case management system, Proclaim, three times a day; morning, afternoon and evening. These excel file dumps consolidate every solicitors’ updates that have been made within the proclaim application. Jo, Cevitr’s Digital Workmate, picks up the emails three times a day, opens the excel file dumps, logs in to the two online property sites and cross checks the data using the client case/reference number and dates. If there is more information within the excel sheets or anything out of sync, Jo uploads the new information into the two online portals and saves the updates. Jo sends back an output report so that all activity is logged. 
The solicitors no longer manually update multiple systems, freeing up their time for activities they have been trained to do. Jo updates the online platforms three times a day, seven days a week; more than adhering to compliance. The automation has improved visibility of actions for the online portals which has improved the partnership between the businesses and in turn has improved the customer experience, as they receive live time updates on the progress and status of their sale or purchase. 

Robotic Process Automation Solutions For The Legal Industry 

Cevitr-- Robotic Process Automation Solutions for the Legal Industry


We know that attorneys spend too much time on the laborious, rather than the law. Deploy a Digital Workmate for the tedious and you get back to what you do best, operating on higher value work and providing the best legal advice possible. 
The Digital Workmate can accept or reject changes on standard templates and common clauses, allowing law experts to focus on reviewing and negotiating complex contracts. 
This can be a tedious and time-consuming task, retrieving data from CMS systems and uploading them to e-file portals, recording case numbers and tracking communications through the portal. This is the type of work that the Digital Workmate thrives on, never getting bored and never making fatigue-based mistakes. 
You can leave the repetition of collecting documents and information, filing and sorting contracts and setting up payments for onboarding clients to the Digital Workmate. The faster responses and professional onboarding will build a trusted start to your client’s journey. 
Your Digital Workmate can pull together all the relevant information, consolidate and send an invoice out within minutes. As invoices come in, your Digital Workmate can pick up the emails, extract the necessary data from the invoice and enter it into an accounting system, setting relevant tasks for the corresponding teams. The Digital Workmate can also send a confirmation email to vendors letting them know that the invoices are in processing and highlighting any missing information. See more examples of finance processes. 
Maintaining compliance checks protects your law firm from any sanctions. The Digital Workmate can automatically perform intermittent due-diligence checks and flag suspicious activity, 24 hours around the clock and with 100% accuracy. On top of that the Digital Workmate can fill out the Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) and send it to the relevant stakeholder when done. 
In short, the list is endless! 
No matter what processes you decide to give to your Digital Workmate, you can be sure they will be delivered with speed, accuracy and compliance. Allowing your team the freedom and time to work on more thought provoking areas, in turn building employee satisfaction and engagement. 
“gunnercooke’s whole business is built around making it as easy as possible for our lawyers to deliver outstanding services to our clients. To achieve this our processes must be seamless and transaction processing needs to be quick; Cevitr’s Digital Workmate has allowed us to accomplish this goal. Cevitr have taken a complex invoice creation task, which requires a high level of diligence for accuracy, and automated the entire multistage process. The Digital Workmate runs seamlessly through the month freeing up the time of our key resources to focus on effective delivery of our services.” 
Naseer Patel, Finance Director, gunnercooke. 
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