How An RPA Can Give Your Business Super-Efficiency

Streamlining operational processes is a key element of successful business practice. At Cevitr, we provide cost-effective and trustworthy Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions to help our clients streamline their workflows, improve accuracy, and secure greater efficiency, transforming the way they do business.

Our ‘digital workers’ replicate human interactions on computer systems so that repetitive and manual rule-based tasks are completed more quickly and accurately than a human could achieve.


So, what are the benefits – direct and indirect – of deploying RPA digital workers in your business?

Direct Benefits:

  • Accuracy: unlike people, RPA bots – if trained correctly – don’t make accidental data entry mistakes. Not only is data correctly entered first time, but it isn’t necessary for your staff to check it repeatedly to ensure that errors haven’t been made, as Artificial Intelligence (AI) scripts can do this instead. More accurate work means that time will also be saved later as extensive data trails won’t be required to find hidden errors.

  • 24/7 availability: there’s a point when all human workers must clock off and head home. RPA bots, however, are not governed by working time regulations or fatigue, nor do they get bored, sick, and dissatisfied, but can maintain the same level of effort 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving your business a significant productivity boost. 

  • Speed: RPA bots can complete manual tasks far more quickly than human employees, partly because they don’t get distracted, but performing complex activities on the screen is effortless using a Digital Worker or RPA bot. 

  • Cost savings: businesses that use digital workers benefit from considerable cost savings, as streamlined processes result in fewer mistakes and greater productivity. Less external support is needed when RPA is introduced with a business’s existing workforce, while automation is far easier to scale in response to evolving demands.

Indirect Benefits:

  • A happier workforce: few staff enjoy performing repetitive admin tasks, particularly if they wish to make more of an impression on the success of the business. RPA makes it possible to redeploy staff to more enjoyable roles within the organisation. Research suggests that a happier workforce could deliver a productivity increase of nearly one-fifth.

  • Increased productivity: RPA boosts productivity by freeing staff to undertake more tasks that require personal judgement or skill. Most employers are familiar with the so-called ‘graveyard shift’ – the time of day when employees lose their concentration, leading to plummeting productivity (this varies from person to person depending on each employee’s individual body clock, making it almost impossible for managers to plan for). By taking over repetitive rules-based tasks at crucial times, RPA will deliver faster, more consistent results than human workers can manage.

  • Cost avoidance: in simple terms, cost avoidance is the process of eliminating, rather than simply reducing, spending in particular strategic areas. Calculated as the difference between the amount that is spent and the amount that would have been spent if previous tools or methods continued to be used, cost avoidance can be achieved by applying RPA to business processes that have a higher potential to incur increased costs in future (ensuring your chosen RPA solution has scalability is crucial). Cost avoidance can also be achieved by integrating RPA intro activities for which you don’t have sufficient time or resources, such as admin, auditing, data entry and transfer, and document comparison, to avoid future costs and help the topline or bottomline.

  • Improved scalability: many companies experience periods of fluctuating income or seasonality, but although some fluctuations can be planned for, not all spikes and troughs are entirely predictable. RPA can support organisations by bridging the gap during periods of surging or falling trade and can be deployed quickly with minimal impact on your team. An RPA-enabled workforce can be scaled to any size that you need to meet demand, with additional digital workers deployed for a low cost. The flexibility this offers will reduce pressure on your team and build confidence in your business’s ability to respond quickly when circumstances change, giving employees greater resilience and boosting their morale.

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