Struggling to Find Talent? With RPA Software, You Don’t Need To!

Unemployment is at a historically low level in the UK, with many businesses struggling to fill skilled positions. At the same time, hiring semi-skilled and administrative employees from the EU has become more difficult post-Brexit. This makes finding talent more difficult for businesses with competition high for the right employees. But thanks to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software, there is an alternative.

Cutting Down On Burnout

An RPA system helps you cut down on the need for admin support staff and lower the administrative burden on skilled employees. Suitable applications for RPA systems include filling out forms, data entry, and processing transactions - things that are entirely necessary for the daily functioning of any business, but which can be easily susceptible to human error, and add little or no value to the business.

Repetitive jobs like this can lead to burnout and frustration among skilled staff and inhibit productivity when you'd much rather people focus their creative talents on other areas that they'll find more stimulating. By maximising the productive time available to each of your skilled staff, you may find that you can achieve the same output without having to expand your team.

Additionally, employees who find their job more fulfilling are likely to remain there rather than looking to move on, bolstering your competitiveness when other companies are seeking similar talent. It’s an employee’s market at the moment, with potential recruits largely setting the terms for working conditions, pay, and responsibilities. If there's less admin work to be done and workers can focus exclusively on the job they really like doing, you may find yourself with a more content-skilled workforce overall, with lower stress levels. Others may even be attracted to your company over others for this reason.

Greater Work Flexibility

Another core advantage of using an RPA system is it allows you to be flexible with your current workforce. If there is a role you are looking to fill, and an employee currently in another role that could be done by an RPA bot, this can be used as an opportunity to retrain them rather than going through the lengthy (and potentially risky) process of hiring outside talent.

The same can be said for new roles that may feature some of the repetitive tasks named above. These can be a hard sell when looking for new talent, but with RPA to take care of these tasks you wouldn't have to worry about the extra expenditure of hiring and training new employees or apprentices in this area. RPA bots will also frankly be more efficient at transactional jobs than any new hire you're likely to find.

Next Steps

So, if you've been thinking of seeking out new emerging talent why not consider Jo, the resident RPA system created by our business automation experts at Cevitr. Jo is ‘happy’ (as a software application, she doesn’t have emotions!) to take care of the monotonous tasks no one else wants, completing them with swift accuracy without any lapses in productivity or needing time off to cure burnout. Jo will support your team to work smarter with the time they have, creating more value for your business and reducing your recruitment needs for core staff.

To start the process of getting to know Jo more, get in touch today.

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